After a long wait, Flipkart has included the EMI option in the Flipkart pay letter service.

Even those who do not have a credit(Like One Card) or debit card with an EMI facility can also use the EMI service.

I have been using Flipkart Pay Later for quite some time now; I like this feature a lot.

So let’s know about Flipkart Pay Later EMI in detail.

What is Flipkart Pay Later EMI?

Flipkart Pay Later EMI is a special offer coming from Flipkart so that Flipkart customers can easily buy any item on EMI.

Flipkart customers can buy anything in 3 to 12 easy installments with 22% interest in this service.

How To Check Flipkart Pay Later EMI offer?

  • If you want to check this offer in your Flipkart account, then you have to follow the instructions given below.
  • First, you have to open the Flipkart application.
  • Now you have to go to my account section from the menu.
  • After coming to my account section, you will see the option of Flipkart Pay Later, where you will also see your credit limit.
  • As soon as you click on Flipkart Pay Later, you will get to see your Pay Later and EMI Limit on the next page.

How To Get Flipkart Pay Later EMI?

If you do not see the option of Flipkart Pay Later in your My Account section, then you have to follow the instructions given below.

1) First, you have to open the Flipkart application.

2) You have to search Flipkart Pay Later by going to the search bar of the Flipkart Application.

3) You will get the first option of Flipkart Pay Later.

4) Now jump into the option of Flipkart Pay Later, and you will go to the next page where you will have to fill in the information for Flipkart Pay Later application.

5) On this page, you will be asked for some of your documents,

6) After giving all the information, you can click on the click on apply now button.

7) Now Flipkart will verify your documents and, after that, will accept or reject your application.

Who is this service for?

This service is basically designed keeping in mind the people who do not have Credit Card and Debit Card EMI facilities.

People who already have a credit card or debit card will not use this service. (Special credit card user)

I am saying this because many things in it are not as beneficial as they should be.

What Is Eligibility For Flipkart Pay Later

You can use this facility only if you are using Flipkart Pay Later.

This feature has not been launched separately by Flipkart but has been integrated with Flipkart Pay Later.

If you are already using the Pay Later Service, it is most likely that it has been added to your Pay Later account section.

Flipkart issues no official guideline for pay later EMI eligibility.

Flipkart Pay Later EMI Interest Rate

In Flipkart Pay Later EMI, you will have to pay 16 to 22 percent interest, which is much higher than a credit card.

You will be charged 12 to 17 percent interest on the credit card. So if you have a credit card, I will not recommend Flipkart Pay Later.

I would not advise you to use Flipkart Pay Later.


Now you will also get the option of EMI under the facility of Flipkart Pay Later. With which you can buy the things you need and pay them in easy installments.


You will not have to pay any separate charge other than interest on EMI to avail of this facility.

I selected random products and chose the payment method Flipkart Pay Later EMI to check the interest rate.

I was amazed to see 22% as the rate of interest, which is much more than a credit card.

Credit cards generally offer an interest rate of 12 to 16%


I don’t have much to say about especially Flipkart Pay Later EMI. Except for few things:-

Quickly Approved:- Flipkart Pay Later EMI approval is much easier than a credit card.

All you have to do is provide some documents along with your number.

No Annual Charge:- You will not have to pay an annual charge for this service.

But the credit card You have to pay a certain fee every year.


Rate of interest:- The interest rate charged for this facility is 22%, which is relatively high, in my opinion.

EMI Tenure:- The duration of EMI is only 12 months, Which is much more than any ordinary credit card.

No Cost EMI:- Generally, a no-cost EMI facility is available in credit cards and Bajaj cards, but you will not get this facility here either.

No Reward Points:- In this facility, you will not get any reward points, which you will get even on ordinary credit cards.

What If Flipkart Pay Later EMI Stopped Working?

So far I haven’t seen this but if your flipkart pay later stops working, then you should contact customer care immediately.

How To Convert Flipkart Pay Later To EMI?

Transaction done through Flipkart Pay Later cannot be converted into EMI later.

You can use this only when you are buying something, at that time in the payment page you have to select Flipkart Pay Later EMI.

Flipkart Pay Later EMI Option Not Showing?

If the Flipkart Pay Later option is not visible in the Flipkart account, there can be many reasons for this.

  1. Whenever we create a new account in Flipkart, it generally does not show the option of Pay Letter for some time.
  2. And if this is not the case, then the Pay Later option may not be visible in your Flipkart account due to a technical fault.

In both these cases, I will advise you to call Customer Care of Flipkart and complain about it.

Flipkart Contact Number:- 044 4561 4700

My Take

I am not going to use this service in any way because the interest charged in this is much higher than my credit card.

If you want to take advantage of this EMI facility, I suggest you take any ordinary credit card from any bank.

If you don’t know how to get credit quickly, you can read here.

I would not recommend anyone to use Flipkart Pay Later to buy any item at such a high-interest rate.

I use Flipkart Pay Later to make small payments as it is done in just one click.

I mostly use credit cards for my transactions above 1000 which gives me excellent value back.